Medical / Health Insurance

Overall, this cover provides for medical and surgical expenses incurred by the insured and their dependants as a direct result of sustaining accidental bodily injury and/or illness within the period of insurance. The policy can be a combination of inpatient and outpatient or inpatient only. There is usually a waiting period e.g. 30 days or 60days depending on the company.


•Reimbursement basis – insured pays for the medical expenses first then claims from the insurer.

•Benefit policy – insured is given a medical card that gives access to a network of insurer approved service providers.


Information required for quotation of premium

•Name of organization/ individual

•List of staff members and their dependants including their relationship and dates of birth.

•Benefits required e.g. outpatient, inpatient, dental, etc.

•Cover limit per benefit.

•Is benefit per person or per family?